Something on the back burner.

Me, being the big trip planner that I am, love to have something in the works all the time.  As I have said previously, planning is half the fun for me, and it extends the vacation by the time you spend researching, planning, and organizing your trip.  I always like to have at least one trip booked so I have something to look forward to, especially as another trip comes to a close.  It lessens the let-down feeling. 

 Cruises are easy to have in the works because you can book them so far in advance, and the deposit is fully refundable usually until 70 days before your scheduled departure date.  So if you decide you would rather not go on that cruise, you can cancel with no penalty.  Often times you can find good sales that offer half price deposits and an additional on-board credit.  You just have to watch for them.  Many on-line travel sites like and will allow you to subscribe to their newsletter so you can get email updates for all upcoming sales and deals.  Just be aware that if you book with some of these on-line travel sites, there may be a service charge for cancellation of your reservation.  Always read the fine print!

Currently, I have two trips planned for this next year.  We are taking the family, along with in-laws to Disney World for a week and  going to Lake Powell this summer with friends for a week on a houseboat.  This will be the first time for Disney World for our family, and there is lots of research to do on what is offered there.  There are many helpful sites, along with travel books with tons of information.  That should keep me busy for quite a while.  We have been to Lake Powell once before with the same friends we are going with this year.  There is not much research that needs to be done for this trip; however, planning for the week takes a lot.  We will have four families, including kids on a houseboat for a week, so preparation for meals alone is quite the undertaking.

You don’t have to have a vacation actually booked to begin planning for it.  Just pick a place you want to go for one of your next trips and a ball-park date, and you can start researching your destination for the best restaurants, hotels, tours, attractions, etc. to see what you would want to do while you are there.  Keep a paper file or computer file of the things you have found.  Be sure to include the website, phone number, address, and a general description so you can reference it quickly.  I keep this information even after the trip is completed because you never know when you may want to visit again or refer a friend.

So, do you like to have plans on the back burner?  Do you feel  like it extends your vacation like I do?  And the best part is….. it’s absolutely free!


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