Baby, it’s cold outside!

The Rat Pack in Lake Powell onboard our home for the week.

As we move into the cold, dark days of winter, I find myself daydreaming more and more of the warm, sunny places I have visited in my travels.  Just this morning, I was thinking about the dry, hot air of the desert that surrounds Lake Powell.  I imagined myself sunning like a cold-blooded lizard on the sun-heated rocks as I gaze across the clear waters of the lake.  The sun bakes the rocks so much during the day that at night when the temperatures cool you can still feel the heat radiating off the rocks until the early hours of the morning.

My boys on the beaches of Florida's Emerald Coast.

I think about the Emerald Coast of Florida and Alabama.  Destin, Florida has some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen in all my travels, and I have spent many a summer day soaking up the rays and the warmth of the sun.  I have enjoyed watching my boys build sand castles, search for the perfect sea shell, and boogie board the waves of  that beautiful emerald-colored water, all while warming my skin by the sun in my beach chair.  I have spent a few week-long trips in Orange Beach, AL and Panama City Beach, FL with some good friends, all of whom enjoy the beach and sun as much as I.  There are not too many things better than spending a day with them on a beach in my beach chair and a good book on a warm, sunny day.  Many times the beach umbrella is only used to shade the cooler filled with our beverages and snacks. 


My family in Disneyland enjoying the California sun.

I have spent many summer days in the sweltering heat standing in line of some roller coaster or thrill ride of some kind at a number of theme parks around the country.  From Disneyland in California to King’s Island in Ohio; they all offer a great day of fun in the sun.  I have also had the pleasure of spending a summer day in a wet swim suit while waiting in line at one water park or another.  My favorite is one close to home in Santa Claus, IN.  Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari is a combination theme park and water park that is a must-do if you are ever in southern Indiana.  Our family has taken weekend trips there for many summers and will continue to for years to come, and the midwest humidity always promises to make that splash at the bottom of the slide worth the wait it took to get there.

The beaches of Tintamarre Island in St. Maarten. Simply Gorgeous!

From the shores of the Bahamas , Cozumel,  Belize, Jamaica,  San Juan, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten, I have enjoyed the warm sun and tropical breezes that each unique locale had to offer.  It seems the sun never stops shinning on these places that I would call heaven on Earth.   Thinking about having my toes in the warm sands of their beaches makes the tension of my shoulder muscles tight from shivering melt away in an instant.


Anyone who knows me just a little would know I am a summer girl at heart.  Dreaming about the days I get to spend playing in the sun in the summer is what gets me through the long winters of the midwest.  I don’t like to wish my life way, but I sure do wish summer would get here.

Me, doing one of the many things I love in the summer time.


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  1. Jen
    Dec 28, 2010 @ 12:16:57

    Great pictures Trisha! I completely agree with you….bring on the summer. Being married to a CPA, the upcoming months completely stink! I can’t wait for May to come and the travel to begin! There is nothing better than exactly what you described! And as a side note, Powell and St Marteen are 2 of the top five prettiest places I have been, each for there own reasons. You are making me drool in anticipation of all the “hot spots” to come!


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