Home for the holidays?

Have you ever spent a holiday traveling with your family on a vacation instead of being home for the holidays?  I had several friends this week who were vacationing for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I have often wondered what it would be like to be away from home for a holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

I was very envious of one of my friends who cruised this week and spent the week traveling around the western Caribbean soaking up the sun while I was back home in the cold, dreary, November weather.  I am positive my turkey and dressing would have tasted much better gazing out over the blue waters and white, sandy beaches while the sun warmed and bronzed my skin.

A daughter of some friends shared the holiday with the lovable characters of Disney World.  I can only imagine how beautifully the parks were decorated.  I bet the costumes that the cast of characters were dressing in was magnificent.

To be home for the holidays among all your family is something that a lot of people would not want to give up.  I wouldn’t want to do it every year, but some time I would love to experience a Thanksgiving sailing in the Caribbean.  Or maybe Christmas spent in a cozy cabin in the snowy mountains surrounded by those I love most could make a wonderful memory to last a lifetime.  I hope to create those memories sometime soon.


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