I’m Crossing Over

Okay, so I’m not talking about some weird episode of Medium.  I am referring to my newly-formed business venture.  I have finally put my dreams into action and started my own home-based travel business.  I have finally crossed over from being the consumer to the seller, and I couldn’t be more excited.

I have talked about starting my own travel business for years, but never thought I had the know-how or gumption to do it.  My husband showed me a website about  starting a travel agency and I began to research my options.  I had no idea that you can start your business under a host agency, which made it seem a lot less stressful to me.

I chose to be an affiliate with Montrose Travel, which is one of America’s Top 50 Travel Management Companies.  After researching what all they had to offer me,  I quickly realized that this is the way I wanted to begin my journey as a travel agent.  Montrose Travel provides a private-labeled website, training, marketing, errors and omissions  insurance, a blast email program, support, along with so much more.  I wish I had known about this option years ago.  I knew that my experience in travel would already give me a good start, and added with what my host agency provides, I have a great foundation for a solid home-based travel business.

You can find my website at www.alovefortravel.com or you can click the link I have provided in the menu on the side.  Provide your email address so you won’t miss out on all the great travel deals.  I have also created a Facebook page where I will also provide deals along with articles of interest in the travel world, so be sure to visit there and click like.  You can do that on the menu to the side also.

A Love For Travel, now not only my blog but my business, will focus on providing personalized travel planning to help you make all your vacation dreams a reality.  I will use my travel experience along with the expertise of Montrose Travel to ensure that you get the best possible vacation at the best possible price.

If there are any vacation spots you would like to see featured here on the blog, let me know and I will be sure to write a post about it.  I hope you are as excited about my new journey as a travel agent as I am.  Visit alovefortravel.com and give me a call or email me to see where you are going next!


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